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When sending a request over for pricing, please make sure you include:
  • Signed LOAcompletely filled out
  • Signed LOR (not required but extremely helpful)
  • Current Contract (not required but extremely helpful)
  • Contact Name and Information Including:
    • Email
    • Phone Number
    • Billing Address if different than Service Address
Contract Specifics: If you cannot provide the current contract, then please provide the contract details listed below.
  • Start Date of Contract
  • Expected margin (if nmargin is indicated, Incite will apply based on current contract price or savings available)
  • Current Product and Product requested (Fixed, Index, etc.)
  • Product details (Full Requirements, City Gate,, Burner Tip, upstream, etc.)
  • Current rate
  • Please note: *If you only have bills, we can work with the customer, but need tknow the contract details. The last thing we want tdis place them in contract prematurely.

GasPricing Request

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