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Their Background

A leading marketing services company is in marketing logistics, fulfillment, and promotional products. They help companies create full-scale campaigns that drive revenue growth and increase profitability.

The Challenge

The company previously used a different energy broker for each of their facilities nationwide and needed a way to leverage their energy use to increase revenue. Incite Energy streamlined their energy procurement process and set up demand response.

Aggregating to Lower Costs

Incite Energy gathered data and took a close, comprehensive look at their electricity spend. Incite’s team took advantage of the current market conditions to maximize this company’s savings by using a “buy-in-bulk” strategy. Incite Energy bundled their combined purchasing power, saving the client over $257,000.

Hard Savings With Energy Procurement

Incite Energy reduced risk substantially with an All-In Fixed Product during the energy procurement process. The client benefited from savings of over $10,000 compared to the next lowest quote and over $50,000 in savings compared to utility default rate in Ohio. Additionally, they saved over $54,000 in Pennsylvania and $7,000 to $15,000 in savings (9.5-21%) in Texas.

Services Utilized

Energy Procurement, RFP Management, Risk Management, Market Data, Data Management


Over $257,00 in hard savings on energy & Reduced risk in energy purchasing

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