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Their Background

A fast-growing health club chain, with 26 locations in North Carolina, Texas, and Nevada, is one of the largest health club chains in the U.S. The key to their success is staying ahead of the curve by constantly investing in new equipment and technology.

The Health Club's Energy Challenge

When Texas deregulated energy markets in 2002, they had five locations that banded together and went with a single supplier that offered the most competitive price. Shortly after, they merged with two other health clubs to penetrate markets outside of Texas.

With a tremendous amount of growth in a relatively short period of time, they knew they could achieve even more if they could gain more insight into their energy spend. By leveraging Incite Energy’s expertise, they navigated the energy markets more effectively to save both time and money.

Power Contracts That Make Sense

Incite Energy used the health club’s pooled energy usage to leverage their buying power and keep their energy rates low. The result was minimal energy costs.  

Additionally, Incite negotiated new energy agreements that included new multi-regional contract terms with coterminous ends (including for future locations) that saved them 15 hours of administrative work a month. Another clause enabled the health club to add new meters at the same rate as their original contract, allowing them to avoid a 20% increase in electricity costs.

Customer Testimonial

“We’ve worked with Incite Energy over the past decade and they’ve proven, time and again, how valuable their energy market expertise is,” Owner of the health club said. “By setting all the contracts to end at the same time, the once-grueling aspect of energy procurement is now a lot easier. I can manage all the contracts for all of the facilities at one time.”

Services Utilized

Energy Procurement, RFP Management, Risk Management, Market Data and Intelligence


Energy Contracts

  • Long-term, fixed price contracts
  • Co-terminus contract end dates
  • Regional power procurement


  • New meters added at a lower rate
  • Annual cost avoidance
  • Reduced time spent on administrative tasks by 15 hours a month

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