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Their Background

U.S.A. sustainable energy services leader who also operates highly efficient thermal energy plants. They are one of the largest district energy operators in North America.

Their Energy Challenge

They had to use multiple vendors in order to participate in demand response (DR), a program in which businesses earn compensation for lowering energy consumption during peak energy usage times, since no single vendor could provide for their unique needs. The management portal their primary vendor provided did not give them a user-friendly and comprehensive view of their DR participation during DR events and consumed too many employee resources. The vendors and the third-party portal led to increased complexity, missed opportunities, and consumed valuable company resources.

Leveraging Technology to Cut Cost

They partnered with Incite Energy to streamline their DR management process, cut costs, and increase the bottom line. By consolidating, they cut down on time switching between different systems. Their previous online portal hid crucial data preventing them from implementing effective energy solutions. With Incite’s in-house Energy Analytics Portal (EAP), they were able to manage all of their facilities energy use efficiently.

They gained the insight they needed to make the strategic decisions and monitor their performance during DR events, maximizing the opportunity to increase revenue. They received 4CP alerts and could determine the best times to reduce energy use and maximize savings.

Hard Savings and Increased Revenue

Using Incite’s services and in-house portal, they lowered costs by over $700,000 (per year), increased revenue from DR by over $250,000 (per year), saved valuable employee time, and reduced the amount of equipment needed to monitor energy usage in real-time.


Customer Testimonial

“We use the Incite Energy Analytics Portal in our daily operations and have managed our business around the market information it provides,” a VP at the company, said, “The portal is hands down at the forefront of the market and technology.”


Services Utilized

Demand Response, Energy Analytics Portal, Risk Management, Market Data, Utility Bill Management, Monthly Reporting


  • Saved $700,000 per year using 4CP energy use monitoring
  • Earned over $250,000 per year for participation in demand response
  • Reduced operating costs and saved valuable employee time

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