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Their Background

A leading company in the energy infrastructure business, they manage approximately 84,000 miles of pipelines and 165 terminals to store, transport, and handle millions of barrels of liquids and billions of cubic feet of gas.

The Company's Energy Challenge

Our client manages significant amounts of energy for their customers. Before Incite Energy's involvement, management of their own energy usage was decentralized, presenting an opportunity to cut operating costs and improve energy usage.

Streamlining the Energy Process With Incite Energy

Incite Energy started by meeting with the energy infrastructure company to best understand their needs. To cut costs, Incite Energy advised on wholesale power and natural gas hedges, revamped the energy procurement process for them, managed risk, saved millions on energy costs with energy procurement, and improved operational control through tax analysis, cost analysis, and budgeting; weather impact analysis; optimizing energy procurement; managing RFPs and risk; and providing multilevel monthly reporting.

Customer Testimonial

“We have been working with Incite Energy since February 2012. They have provided us with excellent service and support for energy and gas procurement, as well as budget optimization and energy analysis for all our nation-wide locations,” an Operations Director with the company, said, “This has had a direct impact to our budget development, helping us take into account market volatility, operational changes, and forecasted rate changes. I recommend Incite Energy as a reliable and accountable energy management solutions company and experts in their field.”

Services Utilized

Energy Procurement, RFP Management, Risk Management, Market Data, Data Management


Risk Management Improvements

Improved Operational Control

  • Tax analysis
  • Cost analysis and budgeting
  • Weather impact analysis
  • Optimized energy procurement
  • Managed RFPs and risk
  • Multilevel monthly reporting

Energy Procurement Analysis and Improvements

  • Energy contract negotiation

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