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What is Energy Choice?

Electricity and gas bills are often at top of your list of business expenses. It is important to make informed contract and rate decisions so you aren’t left overpaying for utility necessities. With the large number of suppliers and endless service options, it can be difficult to find the best plan for your needs. We simplify the process by sourcing and analyzing bids from our network of 90+ suppliers to get you the lowest rates and most favorable terms.

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Number of Locations

Average Monthly Utility Cost


After Incite

  • Business owner partners with Incite broker who negotiates rates and contract terms
  • Bundled services for multiple locations
  • Simplified, time efficient, utility bill management
  • Lowered rates and continued communication with broker on other energy service options and opportunities

Before Incite

  • Business owner self-managing energy rates and contracts
  • Multiple locations with different providers for each
  • Several hours per month spent on utility bill management
  • High rates with no guidance on how to lower them

After Incite

  • Energy management with a partner broker takes less time
  • Bundled services and competitive rates for multiple locations
  • Robust monitoring capabilities with Incite’s Energy Analytics Portal
  • Equipped to self-identify cost saving opportunities and evaluate ones introduced by their broker

Before Incite

  • Designated executive balancing energy services management with other duties
  • Multiple locations with different providers, contracts, and rates
  • No way to efficiently monitor usage
  • Several hours per month spent managing bills and looking for new cost savings

After Incite

  • Energy broker partner with a complete understanding of business practices and needs
  • Broker presents cost saving opportunities
  • Business owner evaluates new contracts from different suppliers at competitive rates
  • New knowledge of energy market and insight on how to manage utilities

Before Incite

  • Business owner managing utilities and unsure of rates
  • Time spent every month reviewing bills for possible savings
  • Limited market awareness
  • Increased rates due to auto-renewal price hikes

Features Include:

Manage Usage and
Spend in Real-time

Manage all locations and statuses from one portal, compare current and historical energy demand and costs to identify anomalies, quickly see spend, check market conditions, and notify team members of status changes.

Participate in
Demand Response

Implement demand response strategy when grid operators call to lower your usage and ensure you meet your stated commitments and maximize profit.

Manage Contracts
and Invoices

Track energy contracts with providers, invoices, and bills in one place. Know when to renew energy contracts to lock in a low rate and never overpay again.

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Take control of your energy usage.

Manage and track energy usage and payments through a single dashboard.

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Energy Efficiency

Advice from the experts

Adding new lighting to your office or opening a new location? Give us a call first. Our years in the energy business make us a great resource for any utility needs.

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