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How Does Demand Response Work?

The energy grid can become overloaded, especially during the hot summer months when electricity demand is high. To ensure grid stability operators will call on participating businesses to briefly lower their energy usage. Incite will work with you to determine your eligibility, fully educate you on your options, and help you decide the best demand response plan for your company. Our goal is to turn your energy into an additional income stream.

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After Incite

  • Business owner and team fully informed on what Demand Response is and how it works for them
  • New income stream from participation in a Demand Response program
  • Company benefits from lowered usage and bills for additional cost savings
before incite issues

Before Incite

  • Business owner or energy manager with limited knowledge of Demand Response
  • Company working internally to find additional income streams
  • High electricity usage and bills with no benefits to company
after incite we were able to get more done for less

After Incite

  • Business owner self-manages energy usage with a partner and fully understands Demand Response
  • Added income stream through participation in a Demand Response program tailored to their needs
  • Company benefits from lowered usage and uses added income to boost business growth
before incite we had trouble

Before Incite

  • Business owner self-manages energy usage and has no knowledge of Demand Response
  • Constantly working to find alternative income streams to help maintain the small to medium size business
  • No added benefits from utility usage
after incite we were happy and more efficient

After Incite

  • Energy manager works with their broker to develop a custom Demand Response program
  • Identifies opportunities for Demand Response participation when some locations report lower usage historically
  • Improved company’s bottom line by adding new income
before incite we were frustrated and overspending

Before Incite

  • Energy manager with working knowledge of Demand Response but unsure how to make it fit company practices
  • Does not see how the company locations could ever lower usage, even temporarily
  • Struggling to improve the bottom line

Features Include:

Manage Usage and
Spend in Real-time

Manage all locations and statuses from one portal, compare current and historical energy demand and costs to identify anomalies, quickly see spend, check market conditions, and notify team members of status changes.

Participate in
Demand Response

Implement demand response strategy when grid operators call to lower your usage and ensure you meet your stated commitments and maximize profit.

Manage Contracts
and Invoices

Track energy contracts with providers, invoices, and bills in one place. Know when to renew energy contracts to lock in a low rate and never overpay again.

As a large company with historically high usage, I didn’t think we had another way to lower our bills – and definitely didn’t understand how much we could make with Demand Response. Working with Incite changed how we manage our energy and has made me $1B over the past 4 years.

Jay Knowles | CEO Toyota

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