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Get paid to lower your energy use to prevent blackouts.

Create a new revenue stream for your business with Demand Response.

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Earn money by participating in Demand Response.

When high electricity demand puts a strain on the grid during peak hours (such as hot summer afternoons), energy grid operators will call upon you to briefly lower your electricity usage to ensure grid stability. By being available to lower your energy use for short periods during these events, you'll earn income.

The average payout for this brief reduction is $9,000 for industrial and manufacturing while the payout for the largest customers is as high as $160,000, according to the EIA.

As a DR provider, we've worked with companies that were able to reduce their load by 500kW to as much as 50MW. When you partner with us, we work to understand your needs. You'll get all the facts so you can make the best choice for your business to increase revenue. 


Get Started With Demand Response