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Track your energy use. Manage utility bills.

From managing utility bills to monitoring demand, track your spend and usage in real time all from one place with Incite Analytics. You'll get the insight you need to keep utility costs low across all your locations.

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All your energy data in one place.

Energy is one of the top five expenses for most businesses. While energy management can be difficult and time-consuming, it is a crucial part of businesses' overall strategy.


Incite Analytics gives you a complete and customizable picture of the market and your use and spend, making it simple to identify cost savings and energy generating opportunities. You can easily dig into the details of individual locations and see the big picture so you never miss out on saving and efficiency opportunities.


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Manage Usage and Spend in Real-time

Manage all of your facilities and statuses from one single location, compare your current and historical energy demand and costs to identify anomalies, quickly see spend, check market conditions, and notify team members of status changes.

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Participate in Demand Response

Implement your demand response strategy when grid operators call an event and ensure you meet your commitments and maximize profit.

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Manage Contracts and Invoices

Track of all your energy contracts with providers, invoices, and bills in one place. Know when to renew your energy contracts to lock in a low rate so you never overpay again.

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