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Their Background

A top Houston area general contractor, with specialized focus on custom home building and remodeling based in the historic Houston Heights with multiple locations under construction. As part of their commitment to the local community and the environment, they strive to run entirely on sustainable energy.

Controlling Unexpected Cost and Fees

With a complex production schedule that required taking into account building permits, unreliable weather, and demanding timelines, they needed an energy provider that understood their versatile situation. Previously, they were on a month-to-month commercial contract that was marketed to builders.

The month-to-month contract type was presented to them as the best fit for their business. In time, they found that the flexibility their provider gave them came at a cost due to additional, unexpected charges such as monthly standing meter fees. In addition, the provider’s lack of a collective invoicing system caused complications with their billing. Ultimately, they felt the need to make a change.

Knowledge is Power

They realized they could achieve their savings and sustainability goals by working with a knowledgeable third party. By turning to Incite Energy, they became familiar with market volatility, different energy products, and what contract terms were best suited for their business.

On behalf of the company, Incite Energy worked with energy providers to compete for their business. By switching to a new supplier that provided collective billing, they saved valuable time by streamlining their accounting processes with a new online bill management portal.

Their new energy contract also aligned with their company values of giving back to the community and their sustainability initiatives. The company proudly transitioned to 100% green power and saved over 58% on energy costs with a new, low energy rate.

The Houston area home building company locked in a 24-month, fixed rate contract that now allows them to easily view their accounts and balances using an online bill payment system. Working with Incite helped them gain more time to enhance their accounting processes and transition to an environmentally friendly energy source.

Customer Testimonial

“As a builder, it’s in my nature to just “do it myself”, and I did, for a long time. I’ve always prided myself on doing good work and always communicating with my clients and I found the same work ethic and beliefs when I met with Incite Energy to discuss my energy contract options.” Co-owner of the company said, “Working with Incite Energy was the best decision I have ever made with regard to our energy contracts,”

“You don’t often get the chance to work with a builder that cares as much for their client as they do for the community and the environment, but they have truly shown their commitment to both,” said Andrew Barth of Incite Energy when reflecting on his work with the company.

Services Utilized

Energy Procurement, RFP Management, Risk Management, Market Data, Utility Bill Audit, Impact


Energy Contracts

  • Long term, fixed price contract
  • Unlimited add/delete provision
  • 100% Green Energy Contract


  • 58% reduction in energy costs
  • Able to meet company objective of sourcing electricity from a sustainable resource
  • Reduced time spent on administrative tasks

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