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Their Background

Headquartered in Quincy, Massachusetts, this family owned real estate company, owns over 2.5 Million square feet of commercial and residential space. Their services span acquisitions, private lending, property management, and brokerage.

Their Energy Goals

The real estate company needed an energy partner that could help them navigate the volatile and complex energy landscape. By partnering with Incite, they reduced their operational risk and saved over $50,000 on their energy spend for their properties across New England.

Procurement Strategy

They created a centralized energy procurement strategy by aggregating their energy spend to save $50,000 across 3 energy contracts. By utilizing Incite’s team of data analysts and contract experts to implement the aggregation, they saved valuable company time and increased purchasing power.


Services Utilized

Energy Procurement, Risk Management, Market Data, Utility Bill Management, Monthly Reporting


  • Centralized energy procurement strategy to save $50,000
  • Cut amount of time employees spent on energy management
  • Increased the company’s purchasing power

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