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Demand Response's Journey to a Better Future in ERCOT

Jared Crane Apr 15, 2016 10:35:30 AM

We've talked a lot this year about Demand Response (DR), in particular ERCOT's Emergency Response Service (ERS) program. The market for demand side management and system operator incentives for load curtailment grew rapidly in recent years and as a result, the ERS program has been experiencing some growing pains.



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Demand Response Just Got Even Better

Jim Kordoban Feb 16, 2016 12:05:27 PM

Energy managers often hesitate to enroll their company in a demand response (DR) program for two popular reasons:

  1.  They feel that they don't know enough about DR or how to manage it within their company
  2.  They don't know if they'll save enough money to warrant the effort.

I have only one response to these concerns: Can you really afford not to enroll in one?

Demand response has been around for quite some time, and early adopters have been reaping the rewards for years. Given the recent Supreme Court ruling on FERC 745, demand response growth is "expected to result in faster growth in demand response in the wholesale electricity markets that cover about 60% of U.S. power supply" according to the EIA.

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