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All About Energy

How to Select the Right Energy Provider in 6 Steps or Less

Will McGinnis Aug 22, 2018 12:00:00 PM

As a medium- to large-sized business, you have many choices when it comes to choosing an energy provider. How do you select the best energy provider for your business? There are several important factors you must consider before answering this question and there is no ‘one size fits all answer’. To find the best fit for your business, you have to spend a little time analyzing your options.

Things to consider when choosing an energy provider:

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3 Factors to Consider When Buying Energy

Will McGinnis Jul 25, 2018 12:00:00 PM

Energy rates are determined by a number of factors, some more complicated than others. Trying to sort through these concepts alone can leave one feeling frustrated. An energy broker makes the process of choosing an energy provider and product less stressful by using their years of accumulated industry knowledge and experience. Knowing the ins-and-outs of the industry helps the broker to find the product and price that suit a company and its specific needs the best. Three of the most important factors to discuss with your energy broker before making any decision:

1. Load Shape
2. Historical Usage
3. Location
Not only are these three concepts critical in determining the price of energy, but a strong understanding of them will allow you to increase efficiency and lower costs. 

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Get Your Team to Approve a New Energy Strategy Plan

Will McGinnis Jul 5, 2018 9:58:00 AM

It is no secret that energy is an expensive part of doing business. However, with the right plan and approach, you can make your energy spend work for you. Keep reading for 5 tips on how to get your team to agree to an updated energy plan.

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Key Strategies for Energy Contract Negotiation

Jared Crane Jan 24, 2018 8:48:39 AM

Sometimes companies can spend so much time trying to get the best deal that they are left with few options and higher rates as their energy renewal contract date looms near. Commercial energy brokers know that the best rates occur when you negotiate for energy far into the future, but to get those rates, you have to understand your business’s needs first.

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