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All About Energy

How Batteries Will Power the Future and Lower Energy Costs

Ian Ignasky Jan 5, 2017 7:42:00 AM

Think about what you have around you right now, and then think about which of those things have a battery. Your smartphone, laptop, watch, tablet, and maybe even your car all are battery powered, so why not your business? Battery energy storage systems are the vital piece to the renewable energy storage revolution.


Battery storage solutions mean less power will go to waste. More efficient systems and greater ability to manage your energy will drive your energy costs down.


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Renewable Energy Goes Mainstream

Caroline Haywood Nov 10, 2016 7:30:00 AM

Has the weather in your area been unusual lately? Recent storms and a warm October are raising the specter of climate change, and concerns about the 40 billion tons of carbon dioxide we emit every year. 

Fortunately, renewable energy sources like solar, wind, and hydropower are gaining traction. In fact, the world gets nearly 24% of its power from renewables. That's because the cost is now on par with fossil fuels in many places.

If you don't know much about renewable power, now's the time to find out more. It's very likely the future of energy, and a great investment too.

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