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Incite Energy Helps Mazzarino Construction & Development Keep Costs Down in Houston's Housing Market

Incite Energy Sep 14, 2016 8:03:00 AM
Incite Energy
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construction in houstonIn a business where timing is everything, many builders are holding back to avoid risk. Sales for residential homes are down by 8.6% from July 2015 according to the July 2016 report by Houston Association of Realtors (HAR). Despite this figure, Houston has one of the most robust economies in the nation and brave builders continue to push forward.


Developers in Houston face many challenges including busy production schedules, unpredictable weather, and city permits. Some builders are seeking out new ways to reduce production costs. Energy expenses are costly and reoccurring for all builders. For each building site, developers have to procure and ensure a reliable power source.


Mazzarino Construction & Development Ltd., one of Houston’s premier custom and spec home builders, originally worked with a single supplier to simplify their energy billing and meter add process. Despite Texas having deregulated more than a decade ago, few electricity suppliers offer builders energy products that make sense for construction.


Mazzarino’s supplier put them on a high-cost, residential price, charged a running monthly meter fee, and continued to charge Mazzarino fees for meters they had already transferred to the new owner.  Mazzarino felt a growing frustration with their supplier and sought out a third-party that would act in their best interest.


Incite Energy offered Mazzarino a different kind of energy experience, helping them reduce operating costs and save time. Incite switched Mazzarino to a low, commercial rate plan that included an add/delete clause and no monthly meter fees, reducing energy costs by 65%. After switching, Mazzarino used their new supplier’s online portal for bill pay and meter management, which saved 25 hours of administrative work a month.  By partnering with Incite Energy, Mazzarino saved time and money to enhance Mazzarino’s competitive edge. 


“Our partnership with Incite Energy has proven to be an enormous success. They were able to connect us with an energy company that thrives on personalized service and provides savings for our company as well as our home buyers. Our account representative, Ryan Proler, assisted in what was a smooth transition and continues to offer his services whenever needed,” Richard Mazzarino, owner of Mazzarino Construction, said.


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