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3 Things That Increase Your Electricity Bill and How to Lower Them

Caroline Haywood Feb 16, 2017 8:04:00 AM
Caroline Haywood

office energy use changesNow more than ever before, business owners want to not only do what they can to help the environment, but also save money and lower their electricity bills in the process.


While there are some big ways to reduce your business's demand for energy, such as installing solar panels, most companies opt for smaller changes to save money. Here are a few things to think about when it comes to your electricity bill.

Three Things that Impact your Electricity Bill

There are three things that can majorly impact your electricity costs:

1. The amount of energy you use.

2. How the weather impacts the prices of energy.

3. How well you insulate your facility. 


Climate Control Ramps Up the Cost of Your Energy Bill

So what uses the most energy within your business? Copier? Lighting? Typically, it's heating and cooling.  Heating and cooling, especially in commercial office buildings, can be an enormous opportunity for savings according to the Pacific Northwest National Lab. [1] For example, by upgrading your HVAC unit, you can reduce your utility bill by up to 38% ! [1]




Purchasing an energy-efficient furnace alone will not maximize savings. You have to maintain your system, upgrade your insulation, and seal air ducts in order to save up to 40% on maintenance costs and improve efficiency by 20%, according to PG&E. [2]


Other Ways to Save

In addition to upgrading your heating and cooling system, there are other ways to save:

  • Replace your windows - Replacing an old-fashioned single pane window with a newly constructed window could save you up to $125-$340 a year in electricity costs, just from improving insulating capacity and air leaks.
  • Seal and insulate air ducts – This will not only improve the temperature and air circulation in your workplace, but it will also reduce the amount of energy your business is using. This step could increase your efficiency by 20%, leading to more savings on your electric bill. [2]
  • Replace your lights – Replace your incandescent lights with compact fluorescent (CFLs) or LED light bulbs. These bulbs will work wonders as they cut energy usage by up to 75% and last about 10 times longer than a standard light bulb. [2]
  • Unplug your electronic devices while not in use – Help remind your employees to power down their computers overnight and especially over the weekend. This simple method can cut total electricity usage, especially if your office devices do not have built-in energy management systems. When upgrading equipment, look for ENERGY STAR products us up to 75% less electricity than standard devices. [3]


The Bottom Line

The more energy you use, the higher your bill.  While you can’t control the weather outside, you can control several things inside to help you save on your utility bill.  So sit back and relax with these energy saving tips.


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